Is DREAM open to all students?

DREAM works with 5 local high schools during class time and after school. Students at these high schools are welcome to attend DREAM, and can reach out to their science teachers or dream.riceu@gmail.com to learn who is in charge of DREAM at their school. If you are an educator and interested in bringing DREAM to your school, please send us an email and we will be happy to talk with you about the program. We are limited by the number of volunteers we have and the driving distance between Rice and participating high schools.

What if my child does not go to one of these high schools?

Our website has information on college applications and scholarships for all students. Additionally, Rice has the following resources for local high schoolers, particularly during the summer:

My employeer is interested in working with DREAM. Who should we contact?

Please contact dream.riceu@gmail.com with any requests to work with us.

I am a Rice student and would like to volunteer. How can I get involved?

Our Facebook page has up to date information on volunteering opportunities, recruitment events, and DREAM days. You can also find information in the Mentors tab. If you have specific questions, reach out to dream.riceu@gmail.com.